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Why data protection and privacy matters

This week the Information Commissioner’s Office BA and Marriott - GDPR fines - Oyster IMShas announced its intention to fine British Airways and Marriott almost £300 Million for breaches of Data Protection law.

These are the first big penalties being pursued under the new GDPR powers, and they already dwarf the £3 Million in fines for the whole of the previous year.

When the GDPR was first announced, much was made of the scale of potential fines. Since then we have worked with over 40 clients to ensure that their approach to GDPR keeps them compliant, and safeguards the information of their customers and staff.  Our clients find that the journey towards better data protection and privacy also creates value, confidence and clarity.  Even so, the big fines have started and it is this which is grabbing the headlines.

So, it’s clearer than ever that data protection and privacy matters

What can you do to ensure your organisation is taking this seriously?

Our CEO’s guide to Data protection and privacy could help.
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