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Whatever type of organisation you are, you have information and data everywhere

We all know that the volume of data is increasing massively but it’s not just that – you’re also getting a whole variety of different types of information including social media, voice and video.  And to make things worse it’s coming at you from all angles with constantly increasing velocity

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Oyster IMS can help you deal with these “three Vs” and work with you to manage the organisational risks, deliver to your demanding users and even begin to find ways to use that data to improve the way you work.

Here’s how we see Information Governance driven by a growing IT burden, business inefficiency and risk exposure

Big data

Big data

Data explosion — doubling every 12-18 months

New, unstructured data types to manage

Growth of ungoverned structured data

Migration activity and cloud readiness

Information risk

Information risk

Compliance riskGDPR, data protection and privacy

Litigation risk — e-discovery readiness and workflows

Cyber risk — data breaches and employee malpractice

Reputational risk — BA, Talk Talk, Marriott data breaches

Demanding users

Demanding users

Always-on applications and users

Information availability and integrity needs to match users’ expectations

Information management needs to be embedded in business process and not be an additional obligation

Hidden value

Hidden value

Exploiting information can drive top line growth

More efficient working practices

IG aware workforce drives best practice

Quick response

Content analysis uncovers opportunities and threats

Growing IT burden, business inefficiency and risk exposure driving Information Governance

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