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Unstructured data: Managing the mess and uncovering value

Micro Focus Summit 2019, 20 June in London  – Unstructured data case study

If you weren’t able to attend Micro Focus Universe 2019 in Vienna, there’s another opportunity coming up next week.

The agenda covers a number business challenges and demands, and outlines effective technology solutions to tackle them.

There will be a full afternoon session focused on Security, Risk and Governance (SRG), which includes “Unstructured data: Managing the mess and uncovering value”.

In this, David Francis, Head of Information Governance at Lloyd’s of London insurer Canopius, describes how he, together with Oyster IMS and Micro Focus, has addressed the key challenges of managing unstructured data, using Micro Focus File Analysis tool, ControlPoint.

  • You know what is in your databases, but what about the corporate information you hold in documents and spreadsheets?
  • Do you know where it is stored?
  • Do you know what is important and what is trivial?
  • Are you storing multiple copies of the same information?
  • Can you meet regulatory requirements to retain, delete, or protect that information?
  • Can you easily comply with litigation or data protection requests (including GDPR compliance) relating to that information?

If you’re planning to attend we look forward to meeting you at County Hall.

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Canopius ControlPoint Case Study - Oyster IMS

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