What resilence measures have we implemented to ensure business continuity for the coming weeks / months?

Following the advisory on 16th March from the UK government, we implemented full home-working for all Oyster IMS members of staff. As it stands we do not see these actions having any impact on service provision as all planned activity can be continued remotely via conference calls and remote access to systems.

Our operational infrastructure is completely cloud-based: all of our systems, including the Oyster IMS Support Desk, are hosted and all of our data is stored securely in the cloud.
All systems and data are therefore accessible from any location including those services which require us to connect via our secure VPN.

We have confirmed, via questionnaire, that all staff at Oyster IMS, including back office and administration teams have a compliant office setup at their homes including a suitable working environment, keyboards and monitors.

We are confident that the above measures will ensure sufficient continuity of the service we provide to you for the foreseeable future.

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