What immediate impact has the coronavirus had on our internal resources e.g. staffing levels, premises/facilities, infrastructure, transport, etc?

Oyster IMS as a business is not only relatively insulated from the consumer market but can also survive perfectly happily through a remote working model.

Staffing Levels – we have retained all existing staff and are confident that we will continue to be able to do so for the foreseeable future. We even have a new starter next week on the consulting side of our business. We have also put coverage plans in place to deal with the temporary unavailability of team members due to coronavirus.

Premises / Facilities – The Oyster IMS main office in London, The Loom, remains accessible but we have no staff working there. The building has 24 hour manned security and we have retained all key services (including a low-level cleaning service) to ensure the premises are accessed and monitored as well as being ready for when we return.

Infrastructure  – Our operational infrastructure is completely cloud-based: all of our systems, including the Oyster IMS Support Desk, are hosted and all of our data is stored securely in the cloud. All systems and data are therefore accessible from any location including those services which require us to connect via our secure VPN.

Plant, Machinery and Transport – Not applicable.

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