DSAR Data sheet - Oyster IMS

DSAR Data sheet

Tackling data subject access requests (DSARs) can be time-consuming and complex, so we have developed a comprehensive solution to help you meet the deadlines and answer the questions. Oyster IMS will help you to manage increasing volume and address the challenges in locating the necessary information, with two new packages that blend our experience and…

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Josef Elliott - Oyster IMS

30 July: Handling DSARs webinar

Join Josef Elliott, on 30 July at 13:00 for a new webinar session exploring the handling of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). This will be a 30-minute webinar, including: What’s driving the increase in DSARs? A presentation of recent DSAR cases in which our team worked with client DPOs A live demo of our model…

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DSAR process - Oyster IMS

DSARs – Understanding your obligations

Data Subject Access Requests, or DSARs, didn’t start with the GDPR, but it’s fair to say that there have been many more of them since GDPR came into law*. So what is a DSAR and how should organisations respond when they receive one? The GDPR upholds the right of an individual, (i.e. a ‘data subject’),…

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