What are the benefits of being compliant with the GDPR?

As the protection of privacy becomes ever more of an issue for individuals, having a good reputation in this respect will become a differentiator and will allow customers to make a more informed choice based on trust.

– The processes for ensuring compliance should also support good information governance, while generating procedural and operational efficiencies, including storage and costs savings.

– Concepts such as Privacy by Design can help to ensure that operational processes are planned and developed in a way that helps to avoid later disruption, manage reputation, and drive the quality of products and services.

– New GDPR requirements such as pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data will help to support big data analytics, by ensuring that large volumes of data provided for analysis are delivered in a way which supports the privacy of the individual, and helps to release the value of that information.

Find out how compliance can be a transformation project.

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