We welcome feedback from our customers. Here are some examples of comments we have received.

Oyster IMS has given us data discovery tools to make intelligent decisions … a great example of business and IT working together for success.


Locating 2.5TB of relevant information would have taken me at least a month before. With our new data discovery capability from Oyster IMS, I was able to collate information across multiple repositories and respond to the request within a morning.

David Francis, Group Data Protection Officer and Head of Information Governance
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Very detailed answers to our privacy queries

CHAS - Children's Hospices Across Scotland

Oyster IMS consultants are really approachable, positive in finding compliant compromise solutions to deal with challenges and provide very detailed answers to our privacy queries. The Helpdesk service is great and we have received lots of training and support on OneTrust and prompt advice on all our GDPR requirements.

Linda Kilgour,  Head of Information Management

A strong feeling of confidence…

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

Oyster IMS understood what we needed, they had done it successfully before and were able to provide us with good references. Overall they gave us a strong feeling of confidence that we would achieve a good outcome.

Steve Morris, IT Systems Manager

HFEA Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority - Oyster IMS client