G-Cloud 12 - Oyster IMS

Oyster IMS bring 19 services to G-Cloud 12

Government and public sector organisations will continue to be served by Oyster IMS through the new G-Cloud 12 Digital Marketplace. Oyster IMS has been providing its information governance services through the last seven iterations of the G-Cloud 12 Framework, since G-Cloud 6. In G-Cloud 12, Oyster IMS has further increased its range to include 19…

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DSAR process - Oyster IMS

DSARs – Understanding your obligations

Data Subject Access Requests, or DSARs, didn’t start with the GDPR, but it’s fair to say that there have been many more of them since GDPR came into law*. So what is a DSAR and how should organisations respond when they receive one? The GDPR upholds the right of an individual, (i.e. a ‘data subject’),…

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data protection and privacy - Oyster IMS

Why data protection and privacy matters

This week the Information Commissioner’s Office has announced its intention to fine British Airways and Marriott almost £300 Million for breaches of Data Protection law. These are the first big penalties being pursued under the new GDPR powers, and they already dwarf the £3 Million in fines for the whole of the previous year. When the…

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