Structured Data Manager (SDM) enables you to archive legacy data from existing applications or retire the complete data store from existing applications to reduce application footprint and improve performance.

HPE Structured Data Manager reduces total cost of ownership of application infrastructure, increases business productivity, maximizes information value, and mitigates risks associated with increasingly challenging compliance and e-Discovery requirements.


Database archiving for faster data access and lower costs

Increasing regulations, growing amounts of customer information, new database applications, and legal discovery requirements are forcing businesses to keep more data than ever before—and for longer periods of time.

This poses challenges to line of business owners, IT, compliance and legal professionals:

- Increasing data volumes negatively affect database and application performance, availability, and manageability.
- Compromising critical business processes— such as financial close, order processing, payroll and management reporting.
- Retaining and managing large volumes of historical data online in production databases on high-availability servers and storage puts unnecessary pressure on already strained budgets and overtaxed IT staff.
- Failing to effectively address regulatory compliance and e-Discovery may lead to stiff financial penalties.

HPE Structured Data Manager helps you address these challenges by effectively migrating eligible transactions off of your Oracle, Microsoft® SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, or ODBC/JDBC accessible databases while seamlessly preserving data access and integrity to support long term retention and access requirements.


- Enables critical data to survive longer than the originating applications or databases
- Assists in meeting industry-specific compliance requirements for long-term data retention
- Deploys without costly, error-prone scripting and SQL codings
- Accelerates application retirement processes to shorten time to cost savings

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