SharePoint Information Architecture for Enterprise Content Management

Successful SharePoint implementations require a clear Information Architecture, to optimize search and sharing of information, driving productivity and collaboration.

Information Architecture for SharePoint : process summary

Key steps in developing SharePoint Information Architecture are:

  • Understand your existing situation
  • an older SharePoint installation, sprawling fileshares, or a fresh start? Recognising your startpoint is critical to a successful project.

  • Engage stakeholders
  • business leaders, users, records managers, compliance and risk managers, IT and your information architect. Your solution has to be effective for all parties.

  • Analyse work flows
  • organisational, departmental and team requirements to understand document access and usage patterns. To help improve decisions on structure, access, metadata and controls.

  • Develop your implementation plan
  • a pilot study, a phased roll-out by site or department, or a clean installation? This is key to success and will be dependent on your own situation

  • Communicate the plan
  • This may imply process changes, benefits, impacts, transition management and training.