Using Outlook to Improve SharePoint and ECM project success

Repstor affinity is a simple, intuitive tool which helps encourage user adoption of SharePoint and other ECM systems.
In short Repstor makes Outlook into the interface with your ECM systems and fileshares.

We all spend a great deal of time using Outlook. We're familiar with its layout and we know how to use it.
If only the same were true of SharePoint and other dedicated ECM systems, which are effective only when users actually use them!

Repstor affinity provides a highly effective solution by integrating Outlook with multiple repositories to make document and records management so much easier. By making access to the content system easy and intuitive for users, Repstor overcomes the main cause of failed deployments of ECM systems – failure of users to adopt the system.

Outlook's familiar interface means less effort and change for users, leading to better compliance and valuable time savings.

Overview of Repstor benefits

  • Accessed through the familiar Microsoft Outlook folders interface. This approach allows for rapid adoption of the technology.
  • Emails can be added by dragging and dropping, or using the Quick File tool from within the Repstor assist lite functionality, and are then automatically synchronized to the central server.
  • Easy access to deep document hierarchies for filing or accessing content.
  • Delivered as a client-side software solution. The only requirement is Microsoft Outlook and an internet connection, there are no other pre-requisites.
  • There is no impact on Outlook performance.
  • Fully supports Outlook search (including all synchronized content and filed email attachments) to find information easily.
  • The user experience is delivered independently of the network. Users have the most up-to-date content available to them at all times.
  • Users can add, open and edit documents remotely while offline.
  • Collaboration and content management across geographically disperse sites is enhanced.
  • Central control of configuration ensures that users see only the most appropriate content and allows users to be alerted to new content as it is created or updated.

Multiple Repositories

Many organizations use multiple content systems – including legacy systems, departmental systems, file shares, SharePoint and other Document and Records Management systems.
Repstor affinity supports a range of popular ECM systems, providing a single, familiar and consistent user interface regardless of the content system being accessed. Each repository appears as a different folder structure within Outlook, so users can file and access content in any of these systems, and even move content easily between systems using drag and drop.

Current Repository Support includes:

  • SharePoint (on premise, and Office 365)
  • OneDrive (both business and consumer versions)
  • File Shares
  • HP Records Manager / HP Trim (7.1 and above)
  • Any repository accessible by a fileshare interface, or by a WebDav interface

Repstor was created to inspire ECM Adoption…..this means products that provide:

  • intuitive access to Microsoft® SharePoint® (on premise, and Office 365) and other content systems simultaneously from within Microsoft Outlook®
  • easy email management with native integration between Outlook, SharePoint and other ECM repositories
  • full offline access and filing for remote and mobile workers
  • a secure case and email manager for SharePoint/Office 365 to effectively manage email and documents in legal matter and case based scenarios
  • facilitated filing for compliance and effective collaboration

If you are considering implementing an ECM solution or struggling to ensure users adopt your ECM system for email and document management,
contact us today.