Oyster IMS Legal Data Service (LDS)

The Oyster IMS Legal Data Service (LDS) - Powered by Fontis is the industry’s first subscription-based international retention research product.

When you subscribe to LDS, you’ll receive high-quality research uncovered by top retention experts around the globe. That data is carefully reviewed by our in-house legal team and published using leading-edge technology. The content we provide, delivered via our easy-to-use online interface, provides value that other research solutions can’t begin to match.

Cut Time and Cost

Building a durable, legally defensible global retention schedule is one of the biggest challenges in records management. Oyster IMS taxonomy accelerators and LDS can cut the time and cost of deploying a global retention schedule in half.

Easy to use

Tired of wading through information delivered in thousands of individual documents or spreadsheets? Oyster IMS delivers legal information online in an easy-to-use searchable, sortable format.


Managing an international retention schedule can mean tracking down approvals from stakeholders around the globe. Our online collaboration tools make this a breeze, allowing internal and external stakeholders to participate in schedule development based on their roles.

Full Audit Trail

Legal defensibility is critical: You need to know the what, when, why, and by whom for every change in your retention policy. All actions in Oyster IMS LDS are captured permanently, putting a full audit trail at your fingertips. Integrated.

Our open API integrates retention schedules with your content infrastructure, including HPE Content Manager, SharePoint and other ECM systems without transferring files.