A data storage optimization solution that helps you to cope with increasing data volumes while managing costs of storage, backup and restore.

HPE Storage Optimizer is designed to help organisations intelligently manage unstructured data and distribute information across multiple storage repositories, including the cloud.

HPE Storage Optimizer provides either a one-time or ongoing solution to address the problems of continuous growth in data volume and supports the deployment of of Big Data applications.


Storage Optimizer 5.1

November 2015

Bringing Intelligence to Storage and Backup

HP Storage Optimizer provides a single solution to manage your unstructured data and while slashing cost and complexity.

Storage Optimizer combines file analytics with policy-based storage tiering, information optimization and backup to reduce your storage footprint, in turn reducing backup cycles and making restoration and recovery process more efficient.

It is a simpler, smarter way to manage storage; and a strategic tool supporting integrated information management and governance across the enterprise.

Combine file analysis and prioritized data backup to improve data quality, and get greater visibility into data, better infrastructure usage decisions and more value from your existing infrastructure.

Significantly lower the cost of storage and make more effective use of tiered storage, including the cloud. You can easily identify redundant, obsolete or trivial data stored in Tier 1 infrastructure and move it to Tier 2 to reduce the volume of data.

Meet recovery point and time objectives (RPO/RTO), reduce backup times by up to 50%, and increase application performance by reducing the total volume of data being stored.

Know what you have and what you can defensibly dispose of and have a complete audit trail. Use a single console to keep track of the compliance of your dataset, optimize your governance and purchasing strategies, and simplify creation of policies.

Storage Optimizer Screenshot – a powerful dashboard and toolkit

so screen

Optimize storage with high levels of transparency and intelligence. HPE Storage Optimizer’s visual interface identifies where smart reductions can be made.

Key features include:

De-duplication - Minimise storage costs and reduce discovery times by removing duplicates and near duplicates
Intelligent Tiering – Optimize your allocation of storage with policy-based tiering of all enterprise data