HP Records Manager is a scalable enterprise document and records management solution (EDRMS) that simplifies the capture, lifecycle management, security and access to information.

Records Manager is a comprehensive, out-of-the-box software solution that enables you to effectively manage documents and records, email, web content, images, video, and workflows—and provides document-centric collaboration capabilities.

It enables organizations to more easily comply with governance and regulatory obligations and provides authoritative records of business activities, while ensuring transparent, policy-based lifetime management of all information, regardless of format, system, location or source.

HP Records Manager provides knowledge about information that helps organizations know what to retain, what is needed for legal and operational purposes, and what is ready for disposition.

Key features include:

  • Enterprise Records Management – Manage physical and electronic content, including Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint, to simplify access, improve productivity, and increase efficiency
  • Information Governance – Manage risk with real-time policy enforcement, compliance, supervision, and surveillance capabilities
  • Compliance – Simplify compliance obligations by using a single governance platform to apply retention and disposition rules automatically across all records
  • eDiscovery Preparedness – Reduce eDiscovery complexity, costs, and risks with policy-based, records management
  • In Place Management – Manage content in-place to eliminate the expensive, time-consuming task of moving it to a centralized repository
  • Integrations - with MS Outlook 2013 and SharePoint 2013, WORM drives
  • Zero-footprint deployment - using HTML5 web client
  • Mobility - Lightweight, secure mobile accessibility for touch devices - tablets and smartphones
  • Security – Deploy extensive and granular security and audit capabilities to improve corporate accountability
  • Certifications - HP Records Manager is designed to the international standards of records management, ISO 15489: 2001, and elements of ISO16175.
  • Flexible Deployment – Choices include on-premise, cloud, hybrid, or appliance deployments to reduce costs and mitigate risk

Records Manager 8.1 now released

This Major upgrade combines the best-in-class features from HP's precursor Records Management Products - TRIM, Meridio and ARM.

To upgrade from any of these products to the latest version, please Contact Us,

HP Records Manager Benefits

  • Accessibility - a modern web interface designed for usability and adapts to the user's device.
  • Efficiency & Transparency – Increase productivity, transparency, and efficiency by reducing uncontrolled content growth
  • Compliance and eDiscovery Readiness – Minimize the threat of fines, sanctions and reputation loss through improved compliance
  • Reduced Costs – Reduce legal discovery, investigation, audit and storage costs with solid retention and defensible disposition
  • Seamless Platform – Provide secure, scalable records management using a single platform with integrated governance, legal hold, and eDiscovery modules
  • Take Control – Centralized information lifecycle policy control for all enterprise content
  • Faster ROI – Highly configurable solution to combat process inefficiencies and drive costs savings

HP Records Manager 8.1