How to prepare for eDiscovery

In an environment of increasing regulations and expensive litigation, the ability to perform legally defensible and compliant eDiscovery is a concern for every enterprise.
Increasing volume and complexity of data is driving the need for new systems and automation in a wide range of information management processes. Meanwhile, social media and mobile devices add complexity to governance and IT processes
... all of which is directly impacting eDiscovery capabilities.

Key steps in eDiscovery preparation include:

  • Email, records and consolidated archiving
  • An intelligent solution to drive compliance, eDiscovery, records and information management.

  • Early case assessment
  • First-pass, high-level analysis and culling to reduce the volume of data sent to review.

  • Legal hold

  • Intervene to preserve potentially relevant information, from the moment when litigation or investigation is anticipated.

  • Review and analysis
  • Advanced technology to assist with processing, review and clustering - spanning all data sources.

  • Processing and production
  • Delivery of all data, including audio, video, social media, IM, web interactions and imaged documents to the review platform in near-native form or as load files.

Case Study:

Treasury Solicitor’s Department

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