How are you protecting your vital information against cyber threats?

Information Governance is a key component of a Cyber Security strategy. As a Cyber Essentials PLUS accredited partner, we review your processes to determine:

How effective are your security measures?

If you suffer a breach, how safe is your information?

How can you find out what has been compromised?

What to expect from your Cyber Security review

The key outcome of the review is to ensure that you understand all cyber security requirements and obligations, related to information governance.

Our review process features a fully cloud-based model for engagement, delivery and support, delivered by experienced and qualified strategic, functional and technical consultants.

Our consultants can supplement existing cyber security project teams, or operate as a standalone resource, provided on a project basis or "as a service".

The review process includes a broad analysis of the critical aspects of cyber security including: people, process and technology.


As an outcome of the review process, deliverables will include the following:

- Comprehensive report of the "as is" cyber security capability
- Cyber security risks formalised and prioritised via RAG status
- Remediation recommendations cover strategy, tactics and quick wins
- Fully costed proposals to support business case for change

Benefits of cyber security review

A cost-effective and flexible service delivery model
Fully understand the cyber security requirements of cloud-based information projects
Facilitate cyber security compliance
Prove cyber security compliance to clients, customers and suppliers
A tailored staff training programme to support cyber security compliance
Technology recommendations to support cyber security information compliance
Process change recommendations to support information governance compliance
Service management as required via web portal
Ensure best practice and end user adoption
Significant discounts on all related projects