The affordable, acheivable and relevant approach to Information Security

ProSec2 is a new information security standard, which significantly reduces the risk of data breach, using a practical process of governance, audit, policy and education.


Why choose ProSec2?

The growing issue of Information Security is frequently highlighted by news headlines – Sony, TalkTalk and many others have been affected recently. In the wake of the recent data breach, TalkTalk reported that the personal details of ‘only’ 157,000 customers were impacted. Loss of business critical information, customer confidence and reputation can be catastrophic and could well be followed by costly regulatory or legal actions.

There has never been a more important time to know that your information, including your client data, is safe.

Designed by senior law firm IT Directors, ProSec2 delivers an affordable and achievable solution which satisfies an increasing demand from clients for assurances of best practice.
Recognising that over 80% of data breaches were caused by internal users*, ProSec2 is focused on best practice, effective internal policy and user education.

ProSec2 advice and accreditation is delivered by our trained consultants and provides a clear set of deliverables to significantly reduce your information security risk.

The Accreditation Process


Summary of deliverables

Our trained security consultants will:

- Assist your management team to set up a Security council to ensure senior level ownership of Information Security.

- Introduce our Information Asset Security Assessment to help you understand your current setup and document any gaps or risks.

- Conduct a Risk Assessment to document issues identified and create a remediation plan.

- Provide our IS policy catalogue, comprising at least 10 model policies.

- Provide a set of best practice documents and presentations to drive your internal communication programme.


Benefits at a glance

- Substantial risk reduction.

- Quicker and lower cost accreditation than ISO27001.

- Reduce regulatory pressure, prepare for the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulations.

- Clear process with practical outcomes.

- Assurance for client data security.

- Peace of mind.

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