Oyster IMS can help you plan for GDPR.

Our GDPR solutions include:

- Development of strategic GDPR vision and an effective strategy for personal data and repositories
- A detailed assessment of your organisation's risk GDPR risk profile
- An assessment of your current state of readiness for GDPR compliance
- Understanding of in-scope data, systems and processes
- A Business engagement to understand personal data in your environment
- A technical audit to confirm locations of personal data and action as appropriate
- On-going health checks and GDPR reviews
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GDPR Risk and Readiness Assessment

A Risk and Readiness Assessment is a scoping and planning exercise consisting of:

 - Project Initiation and Planning
 - Review of Existing Policies and GDPR Progress
 - Stakeholder Interviews and Workshops
 - Analysis and Deliverables Production
 - A Detailed Proposal and Action Plan
 - Executive Presentation


About Your Assessment

- You will understand all GDPR related information governance requirements and obligations
- Delivered by experienced strategic, functional and technical consultants
- Our consultants can supplement existing project teams
- An analysis of people, process and technology aspects of GDPR
- A comprehensive report of the "as is" GDPR environment
- Your GDPR risks formalised and prioritised via RAG status
- Remediation recommendations will cover strategy, tactics and quick wins
- A fully costed proposal to support the business case for change
- Services are provided on a project basis or "as a service"
- A choice of on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid engagement, delivery and support

GDPR Compliance = Peace of Mind

A customised GDPR solution, specific to your circumstances

Consisting of:

-  GDPR compliance recommendation
-  Process change recommendations to support GDPR changes
-  A tailored staff training programme to support GDPR compliance

Leading to:

-  Managed and reduced risk
-  Safeguarded reputation
-  Improved information governance
-  Control, best practice and end user adoption
GDPR projects are led by consultants with qualifications from the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).


Our technology solutions cover document and records management, content discovery and rationalisation, and information migration, backed with a world-class professional services implementation team.