Information Governance Consultancy

Oyster IMS provides expert information governance consultancy services to a broad range of organisations, from Central and Local Government, to Central Banks and Law firms.

We have deep strategic experience working with global manufacturing companies, gas, oil and petrochemical concerns, and regulated industries including key financial and insurance clients in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Our consulting services typically focus on three main areas:

Information management strategy and assessment

Oyster IMS consultants advise on information strategy and how it supports organisational objectives.

Our process takes into consideration your unique environment before presenting a set of policy, resourcing, process and technology recommendations to support compliance and performance.

In particular, we focus on areas of risk, regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

Product selection services

Oyster IMS have particular expertise in product selection. A user engagement will produce a requirements specification and functional design, leading to vendor selection which may include an RFP or ITT.

Our consultancy services will provide a detailed and actionable report, executive-level recommendations and a business case for change.

We are retained by clients for vendor and project management services, and we participate in a number of procurement frameworks working with public and private sector clients.

Process-related consulting

Clients often ask us to review a specific aspect of information management, which might require considerations of policy, resourcing, process or technology.

Examples of this type of function-specific, issue-driven consultancy include:

- To build an organisational strategy and business case for document scanning
- Developing a global retention schedule through a comprehensive business engagement
- Support to improve user adoption of an existing Document Management System