Does your Information Governance comply with the GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) raises the bar on data protection and privacy compliance and substantially increases the penalties for failure. The UK's main regulator - The ICO - is taking a firm stance with non-compliant organisations.

With the final deadline for compliance set in May 2018, all organisations should consider what changes will be required to meet the new legal requirements. Start with these questions:

- How do you ensure your Information Governance systems meet compliance standards and reduce the risk of regulatory penalties?

- Can you efficiently produce all the information you need when asked by a regulator or by internal audit?

- Can you prove the veracity and provenance of that information?

- Have you evaluated your risk against the new rules?

- How ready are you? What needs to change and how long will it take to get into shape?

What to expect from your Readiness review

The key outcome of the review is to ensure that you understand all compliance related information governance requirements and obligations.

Our Compliance review process consists of a fully cloud-based engagement, delivery and support model, delivered by Oyster IMS' experienced and certified strategic, functional and technical consultants

We conduct a full analysis of people, process and technology aspects of information compliance, leading to the production of a comprehensive report of your "as is" compliance capability.

We identify and document all your Information compliance risks, and provide detailed proposals giving you a clear view of the investments required, to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.


As an outcome of the review process, deliverables will include the following:

- Comprehensive report of the "as is" compliance capability
- Cyber security risks formalised and prioritised via a RAG status report
- Remediation recommendations covering strategy, tactics and quick wins
- Fully costed proposals to support a business case for change

Benefits of the compliance review

Cost-effective and flexible service delivery model
Fully understand the compliance requirements of cloud-based information projects
Facilitate information governance compliance
Prove information compliance to clients, customers and suppliers
Tailored staff training programme to support information compliance
Technology recommendations to support information compliance
Process change recommendations to support information governance compliance
Switch service on or off as required via web portal
Ensure best practice and end user adoption
Significant discounts on all related projects