If you use HP TRIM v 7.1 you probably already know that its end of life was announced last year.

While this means that support and updates will cease after 31 March, the good news is that HP TRIM customers with active support contracts are eligible to update to the current versions. As you would expect, the upgrade entitles you to future version upgrades, security updates and continued HP support.

Oyster IMS offer expert upgrade packages which will keep your TRIM records management system up to date and supported. We have completed several  TRIM upgrades recently and are practiced at managing the process, including maintaining and tightening integrations with a range of connected systems. And of course, we also provide ongoing user support for TRIM solutions.

If you use TRIM 7.1 it’s important to plan your upgrade as soon as possible, both to reduce risk and minimise future costs.

Oyster IMS offers a choice of managed upgrade services for your transition.  Find out more about the latest versions, or contact us to discover what Oyster IMS can do to help you upgrade.