Enterprise Search and Federated Search

Finding information within an organisation is very different from finding information throughout the internet. The reason for this is that most pages on the internet are designed to be found by writing the content in certain ways and adding associated metadata to each piece of content and page to enable it to be easily indexed by search engines. Corporate documents within organisations are written to fulfil the business needs and although full of vital corporate information they are not structured in a way that is easily indexed or meaningful.

Oyster IMS provides expert consultancy to understand your search requirements then provide solutions that utilise the power of meaning based computing and intelligent linguistic algorithms to understand, categorise and filter the vast information within your business, ultimately providing you with an easy to use yet extremely accurate and powerful method to quickly find information.

Oyster IMS provides highly evolved solutions for eDiscovery, enterprise search, information governance, application deployment and advanced website delivery using HP Autonomy IDOL, IUS, Microsoft FAST and Google Search Appliance.