We all know that email can be misused and overused, leading to communication misfires and over-distribution. But surely the single biggest issue we face is the VOLUME of email we receive?   At an event last week it was cited as a major contributor to what John Mancini calls ‘digital landfill’ !

The latest update to the excellent National Archives blog: “Finding a path through the email forest”, makes a number of helpful suggestions for dealing with email overload; these include:

  1. internal communications and training to better understand the value of emails as records;
  2. empowering users to save what’s most important;
  3. automating the email archiving process;
  4. and an appeal to reduce overall email usage.

Each of these approaches contributes to improved email management or reduced email volume, and Oyster IMS are particularly keen on the second of these, namely making it easier for users to save important emails. A great solution for this is Repstor affinity, which allows users to file their emails (and/or attachments) into a variety of Enterprise Content Management systems (Document and Records Management repositories) directly from Outlook.

You can read the full article at the National Archives blog, here.  Also have a look at Repstor, you can take it for a spin yourself with a free trial, or we can demonstrate it for you online – it only takes 5 minutes.

At Oyster IMS, we are very confident in the effectiveness of Repstor products, which we use to streamline email into our ECM systems.