Upgrade packages for TRIM 7.1

All HP TRIM customers with active support contracts are eligible to update to the current versions, when the version 7.1 reaches its end of life on 31 March 2014.

Oyster IMS offer expert upgrade packages which will keep your TRIM records management system up to date and supported. This will entitle you to future version upgrades, security updates and HP user support.
If you have an installation of TRIM 7.1 it’s important to plan your upgrade as soon as possible, both to reduce risk and minimise future costs.

Oyster IMS offers a managed upgrade service for your choice of transition:

  • from HP TRIM 7.1 to TRIM v7.3.4 ; or
  • from HP TRIM 7.1 to HP Records Manager 8 (the latest version).
  • The product upgrade also includes a number of valuable improvements.

    Here’s an overview of the key upgrade features:

To plan your upgrade

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Your TRIM upgrade plan

Having carried out a number of TRIM upgrades, we have developed a 3 step upgrade plan:
1. HEALTHCHECK – validating the proposed upgrade pathway for your TRIM installation
2. USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING – 2 test upgrade cycles working with your team
3. UPGRADE LIVE SYSTEM– a live upgrade cycle, with a period of post-migration support.

Why Oyster IMS?

Oyster IMS is a strategic Information Governance services partner with HP Software.

We have long experience of developing technical integrations with HP TRIM and Autonomy software, including delivering a number of recent HP TRIM upgrades. Our clients benefit from our specialist knowledge and enjoy expert user support for HP TRIM and HP Records Manager.

How to plan your upgrade

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