Unsure of the difference between their real and perceived issues, SSAT wanted to build a set of requirements for information management within the organisation and design an information infrastructure (people, process and technology) which was aligned to the corporate objectives and support the next phase of growth.


Under the sponsorship of the Director of Finance and Corporate Services, Oyster IMS were engaged and a project was launched to undertake an Information Strategy Review consisting of a number of key activities:

  • Information gathering: one-to-one interviews, organisation wide questionnaire and benchmarking against external organisations
  • Requirements building: development of a requirements specification with senior management
  • Gap analysis: identifying where the existing information services provision fell short of the documented requirements
  • Solution design: collaborative solution development to address the requirement gaps


SSAT now had a strategic vision for information services that was directly aligned to the real needs of the organisation identifying core areas for change:

  • Staffing structures within the information services department
  • Enterprise technology solutions for Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management and Records Management
  • Initiatives to address data quality and cross department collaboration
  • Strengthening of governance processes around the review, approval and management of IT related investments