Hertsmere Borough Council is one of ten District Councils in Hertfordshire. They use HP TRIM primarily for records management and archiving in their planning department.
Hertsmere needed to upgrade their TRIM 5.x installation as part of a number of improvements to comply with the requirements of The Public Services Network (PSN).


Hertsmere’s TRIM deployment was outdated and unsupported, so Hertsmere asked Oyster IMS to provide expert technical services to upgrade the software to the current edition. This would provide a number of functional benefits, ensure that the software was supported and contribute to their PSN compliance requirements.


Oyster IMS devised and carried out an upgrade path from v 5.x via 6.x, to 7.3. This included the following steps:

  • Making a complete offline backup of the existing TRIM environment;
  • Backup, upgrade and migration of the MS SQL database to a PSN-compliant version (SQL Server 2008), running on new, compliant server hardware;
  • Upgrade of the TRIM software to v. 6.2.5, and updates to the database schema;
  • User acceptance testing of this phase;
  • Then upgrade of the TRIM software to the current version 7.3.4, and application of all current patches;
  • User acceptance testing of the second phase;
  • User training on the new TRIM version and its integration with the updated hardware and software environments.


As well as meeting Hertsmere’s main objective – achieving compliance with a key Government directive – Oyster IMS helped Hertsmere to secure a number of additional benefits:

  • MS Office integrations
  • MS SharePoint Integrations
  • The HP Trim Web Client
  • Future Proofing connectors to MS SQL 2012
  • Access to future product upgrades
  • Access to all security patches
  • Access to product support