Early in 2012, the Treasury Solicitor decided to establish a new supplier framework to allow fast and efficient call-off of eDisclosure and Hard Copy Review services.

Process and Outcome

A tender was carried out to appoint a subject matter expert to support this exercise and Oyster IMS were selected. Working closely with the Treasury Solicitor and the Government Procurement Service, Oyster IMS developed a requirements matrix for potential vendors to complete as part of the formal tender exercise. The matrix was developed based on the Electronic Discovery Reference Model and covered document identification, preservation, collection, processing, review and presentation as well as project management.

In addition, Oyster IMS contributed to the commercial structure of the tender and helped deal with questions that arose during the process.


The procurement exercise was successfully carried out through the spring and summer of 2012 and led to the appointment of three vendors to sit on the framework to support public sector litigation. Whilst developed by the Treasury Solicitor, the framework has now been made available to all public sector organisations. Oyster IMS’s involvement meant that the Government benefited from industry expertise enabling them to put together precise and relevant tender documentation.

Oyster IMS continue to be involved in raising the awareness of the Government lawyers about the new framework and when and how to use it.

Services delivered: Consultancy, eDisclosure

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