Gartner report predicts 33% of Fortune 100 organisations will face an information crisis in the next 3 years.

Gartner’s report looks pretty accurate, touching on many of the key enterprise information management factors, it echoes our recent experience in developing information governance solutions for clients. Moreover, it describes issues which are not exclusive to global-scale organisations – in fact all business should be taking action, because the potential impacts of such a crisis will range from damaging to catastrophic.

Herding cats … or tigers?
Information growth is prevalent in all sectors – volume and complexity is driven by social media, mobile users and cloud platforms.  Managing this same information is becoming more important, both for regulatory compliance and to leverage information value for business advantage.

We are working with clients who have faced heavy regulatory sanctions and are now getting their information house in order, and others whose information estate has become bloated and convoluted, resulting in cost escalation and impending emergency.

As we speak, Oyster IMS is engaged with:

  • a central government department, working to improve information management workflow and availability.
  • an international law firm, to overcome technological challenges which are key to their information management regime;
  • a European regional development agency, taking their first steps in information governance, which will be critical to maintaining their funding model;
  • a global top-4 consulting firm, to develop their document capture processes, which will drive huge efficiencies in information access, while controlling physical storage costs

How to avoid becoming an information crisis statistic?
It looks like a perfect storm is brewing, but Oyster IMS can help.
If you’re getting ready to take control of your information, whether you’re coping with exponential growth in server capacity, handing the new challenges of cloud and mobile access, or concerned about compliance, Oyster IMS can deliver a solution.