The latest in the excellent IRMS podcast series features James Lappin interviewing David Gould, who is responsible for HP’s ControlPoint Information Governance software.
David describes Controlpoint’s capabilities in both project scenarios, such as legacy data cleanup to reduce information volume; and ongoing process functions including auto-classification.

As ever, James’ interview asks some smart and insightful questions and David describes a number of important industry ‘megatrends’ and  highlights ControlPoint’s power and flexibility to:

  • Control ROT and duplication of unstructured information with little or no metadata
  • Apply policy-based govern content in place, using existing repositories
  • Control information held in Exchange, fileshares, SharePoint and other popular Document Management systems
  • Seamlessly integrate with HP’s Records Manager for comprehensive records management, control and retention

David and James both speak very well and know their stuff with real depth, so I’d recommend taking a few minutes to listen in .

You can play or download the podcast here; I’d suggest subscribing to the series.

Oyster IMS are involved in HP ControlPoint deployments now. If you’d like more information on ControlPoint, please get in touch.